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Forensic Photography is not simply the recording of crime scenes. In general the forensic photography that we provide is to show what could, or could not, have been seen, or what something may have looked like under specific lighting conditions. A camera can never completely replicate the view available to a human being. The human visual system is incredibly complex; it has the ability to observe small areas of its field of view at great detail, and add that detail to a composite model. What we think we are seeing is not always one scene captured in an instant. A camera can only capture each scene in one instant, and generally does so with a narrower range of brightness than the eye can accommodate. The forensic photographer must therefore control their images to ensure that they best represent the scene, at the time that the image was created, and provide the client, and the Court, with an assessment of the limitations of the imagery. Both Matt Cass and Andy Wooller are fully qualified professional photographers and are experienced in creating images that can assist the Court with the understanding of specific issues.
This is part of a set of images created to demonstrate the lighting levels around a speed hump where a Claimant had tripped. It was important to balance the image to accurately reflect the contrast available to a human observer; and to show that on approach, the speed hump was almost invisible.
Comparison between the lighting patterns of a standard vehicle and a suspect vehicle with a lighting fault. The suspect had been captured on CCTV and the forensic photography showed that the fault was responsible for the pattern seen in the CCTV.
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