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CCTV may generally be of poor quality but one aspect that can be very useful is the inherent timing. If the position of a vehicle (or any other object) can be determined in two frames, and the timing between the frames is known, then it is possible to calculate the speed of the object. In the days of VHS tape recordings the timing between frames would always conform to one of a small number of standards. In the current market, digital CCTV can be configured to any of a great number of different framing rates and even then may have a degree of variation. We conduct expert analysis of the CCTV recording to determine the appropriate framing rate and consider the necessary tolerance. We have the capability to test the CCTV if necessary. Determination of the vehicle position can sometimes be achieved from the imagery but will often require some reconstruction work - again determining the applicable tolerance is a vital part of ensuring that the calculated speed is evidentially valid.
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